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Trenching & Potholing


Whether you just need us to locate, and /or pothole before you dig or trench yourself, or even if you'd prefer to have us do the digging, Western Regions Locating has you covered. Our sister company, WR Trenching can handle that too. Whom better to dig your trench than the same people who have the best understanding of what to expect underground on your jobsite?


WR Trenching has experienced equipment operators, who can trench for any need. 

Western Regions Locating, through WR Trenching, offers vacuum excavation services for what is commonly known as potholing or daylighting. Potholing is a non-mechanical and less invasive method of excavation. A blast of air or water (hydro) is first directed into the dig site to loosen soil and break up any large materials in the soil. An air vacuum hose is then used to remove the debris from the hole and transfer it to a specially designed tank. Stored spoil can be transported elsewhere or, if dry, re-used as fill.


Vacuum excavation reduces the need for manual hand digging or abrasive excavation methods, which lessens the risks of utility damages and risks to the workers on site.


Since vacuum excavation technology is low-impact and non-destructive, it's gaining in popularity as the preferred excavation method for many industries.

How can WRL help?

Allow us at Western Regions Locating to partner with you on your next project. We are confident we can provide you with unmatched quality services at unmatched rates. We guarantee the best rates, response time and our customer's 100% satisfaction.

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